Welcome to my Practice for Spirituality

My goal is to support you in harmonizing body, soul, and spirit in order to revive your life energy. My guiding principle is to lead you to personal responsibility in a manner that allows you to live and express happiness and vitality corresponding to your individual nature. My spiritual work functions very well in combination with medical and therapeutic correctives.

I will help you discover:

  • Holistic relaxation and wellness
  • Individual personal structure
  • Limiting doctrines and undesired behavior patterns
  • Family-adopted behavior patterns
  • How to dissolve inner blocks
  • Individual wishes and requirements
  • How to open new ways and new behavioural patterns
  • Hidden talents and abilities
  • Inner clarity and freedom due to increased self awareness
  • Revival of energy and vitality
  • Revival of the ability to love
  • Ease of physical pain through activation of self-healing potency

An essential part of my work is integrative dialogue. Prior to the energizing process, we will have an intensive and clarifying preliminary talk.

By measuring the single chakra activities, I obtain additional information concerning your theme. A leak of energy of a chakra gives me an idea of the emotions and behavioral patterns concerned.

Next, I decide intuitively which energizing method to use in order to provide you the best possible support.

The following methods will help you receive answers to your questions:

  • Measuring the 7 main Chakras
  • Chakra energy work on four levels
  • Using the new cosmic energies for holistic energizing work, for the development of the individual, and for the activation of the self-healing potency.
  • Quantum Angel Healing® for cause and resolution of a certain theme; giving you an idea of physical, mental, or spiritual blocks
  • Mental programming to find targets and to dissolve problems

Depending on the theme, there are a number of other methods I can offer from my extensive workshop experience.

If you are interested, and would like to learn more about my work, please send me an email or use the contact form.

I look forward to working with you!
Cordially, Rosi Petri